All the Fall Feelings


Logan and I went adventuring this past Sunday. We drove to Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, and found some hidden treasures.

We got some cool photos that I’ll share over the next few weeks, but that first photo is one of my favs. It’s hard to say if it’s because of this plaid button down or if it’s the fall feeling scenery, but either way I’m loving it.


I’ll link a couple of shirts that are similar to this one, my jeans, and my nail polish below.

  1. Soft AE Plaid Shirt

  2. Soft AE Plaid Shirt - On Sale

  3. My current favorite high-waisted jeans.

  4. Nail Polish by Smith & Cult

  5. Top Coat by Smith & Cult

  6. Base Coat by Smith & Cult


The Button Down


Friends, it's been a good weekend.

Logan came home, our friends from PA came into town, and I got a job I've been working on for a bit. All of that being said, our besties are moving across the country and a little piece of my heart is breaking about that. 

These friends are not just good friends. They are the "doing life together" friends. We've had dinners and movie nights. We've played and danced to music with them, we've held their kids and shared tears over hard things. These friends are family, and this little corner of the world will be a little lonely without them.

If you're in love with this shirt too, here it is! Go get 'em, Tiger.

Into Fall


The air is changing around here! I know we'll probably have another week of 90 degree weather (because it's Lynchburg), but yesterday felt like fall.

I am a BIG fan of multipurpose clothing. This top is flowy and breezy, which is perfect for hot summer days, but this olive green colour is a great transition into the cooler months.

This top is a part of the Knox Rose collection at Target, and is under $25. You can find it here.

If you didn't already know, my affiliate links help me make a small commission on sales. If you are wondering how to use my link, and also pick up in store, there's a feature for that! Just select free order pickup, and your store will reserve the item or ship it for FREE to the store. All of that to say, please don't feel pressure to buy a product through my links, but if you do use them, thank you! 😍

My Staple Straw Hat


I've been back in town from my Texas trip just long enough to costume 3 shows, and can I say that my head is just barely above water? This summer has been one thing after another, and each thing seems especially crazy.

So. Many. New. Babies. (No, none are my own to you who were wondering). And. Weddings.

So. Many. Job. Opportunities. And. Changes.

So. Much. Travel. 

Change is the key word here, and lots of it.

Since I have been on the go so much, I have been absolutely loving this hat. I picked it up at Target the other day, and I am digging it. Bad hair day? Who cares! I throw my hair into a low bun or braid, top things off with this hat, and Voila, I am in style.

Friends, this hat is cheap, under $13, and adjustable. So, if you're looking for a great staple piece that will take you from summer into fall, this is your hat!


Summer Maternity Shoot


I got to snap some photos of my beautiful friend just before she gave birth to her precious baby. Lauren graciously let me style her and practice shooting on my new Sony. I was pretty happy with how they turned out, and I wanted to share them!

If you're looking for a maternity dress for an upcoming event or photoshoot, here is the link to this one. It is under $25! 

I would suggest having safety pins on hand though. The top runs big, so we just put some pins in it to fit her properly.

Celebrate Your Country in Style


It's been a crazy few weeks! We've been filming, traveling, and working a ton. So, it has been awhile since I've sat down to blog, but I am excited to share this outfit with you all.

I found this adorable Canada Day or 4th of July outfit that is perfect for celebrating!

I love this off-the-shoulder ruffle top. It is so great for a cookout or watching some fireworks. There are only a couple sizes left, so hurry on over to Target to grab one.

That oversized ruffle was so fun in the wind, and I paired it with my favourite shorts and these super comfy sandals. 

If you're looking for more outfit ideas, tell me what you'd like to see in the comments below. 

Much Love,


My Lightweight Summer Purse


I am an Amazon Prime member, which I will probably write about another time. So, I order lots from Amazon.

Once upon a time, I was hesitant to buy stuff for my own wardrobe from Amazon, but it is actually pretty awesome. I love it for those times you need something specific, and you know that no store around will have exactly what you're looking for.

Meet my minimal summer purse.

This purse is great because it is super small, and it has lots of zippered compartments and spaces to organize your stuff. It's an awesome travel purse, perfect for walking around with your essentials and not breaking your back.

Roadtrip to Alexandria, VA


Yesterday was an adventure!

Logan had a fitting in Alexandria. So, we decided to road trip, and make a day out of it. 

We walked around King Street where there are tons of cute shops, and I got a couple compliments on my kimono from Target. Here are some crazy hair photos of me in some cool spots around Alexandria.

I am wearing last year's version of these block heel shoes, these leggings with pockets, and a layered navy cami.  

Summer Shorts


You know when you find that perfect pair of shorts? So, you tell yourself, "Girl, you've gotta space them out. Wear them every other day, and wash them often." But then you're wanting to wear them every day, so you might go back to buy another pair.

These are that pair.

I found these shorts at Target. They are from the Universal Threads line, and they are on sale today for $15. They are super comfy, a great length, high waisted, and have lots of room in the back. I'm talking myself down from getting my second pair today. We'll see how that goes.