The Blue Ridge Mountains


Virginia really is beautiful. I have never seen a greener landscape, and the sunsets over the Blue Ridge Mountains are a pretty amazing sight.

I had the perfect photo in mind for this dress. Blue skies, chiffon blowing in the wind, and deep green fields, so Forest, VA was the spot. The problem is, almost every photo Logan took was too good not to share. (I've got a skilled photographer on my hands, and a stunning dress from a local boutique.) So, please enjoy these photos of my favorite dress in front of our beautiful blue ridge mountains.

The last time I checked, they still had a few of these dresses left. So, if you haven't gone to Live Trendy or Die yet, you need to! My earrings are no longer available online, but there are so many cute new ones from Francesca's,  and here is this year's version of my shoes from Target.