Outfitting Our Outdoors

I was procrastinating on Monday. So, naturally, I went to Target. And I was pretty dang excited to find some patio chairs, so we can sit out on our porch! 

Honestly, I think I've been wanting outdoor furniture since 2011. So, it was about time.

I found these chairs in the patio section, and they came home with me. ☺️


I don't even feel that bad, because I've wanted something to sit on for so long, and I feel a little like we were wasting our view of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains from our little porch.

If you're wanting to snag some chairs of your own, here's a link to these Threshold stackable chairs. I got them in Tan, but there are lots of colours. If you use the code DEAL, you'll get 10% off which makes them $17.10 right now. Target for the win. 

I also grabbed this little table yesterday to house our coffee. 

I'll try to get some more photos up after this weekend since costuming is my life right now.