My Staple Straw Hat


I've been back in town from my Texas trip just long enough to costume 3 shows, and can I say that my head is just barely above water? This summer has been one thing after another, and each thing seems especially crazy.

So. Many. New. Babies. (No, none are my own to you who were wondering). And. Weddings.

So. Many. Job. Opportunities. And. Changes.

So. Much. Travel. 

Change is the key word here, and lots of it.

Since I have been on the go so much, I have been absolutely loving this hat. I picked it up at Target the other day, and I am digging it. Bad hair day? Who cares! I throw my hair into a low bun or braid, top things off with this hat, and Voila, I am in style.

Friends, this hat is cheap, under $13, and adjustable. So, if you're looking for a great staple piece that will take you from summer into fall, this is your hat!